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  1. The Modeling Forum
    I finished work on the Led Zeppelin-Page & Plant kit sculpted by Jeff Yagher. The sculpt shows Jimmy Page and Robert Plant during the 1974-75 tour. I spent a lot of time looking for good reference so the end result would be pretty authentic. This is one of my all-time favorites from Jeff...
  2. The Modeling Forum
    I finished my rendition of the Nosferatu (Graf Orlok) Dragging a Coffin kit... Thanks for looking! - Denis
  3. The Modeling Forum
    Here's my rendition of the Moebius Bride of Frankenstein.... I really liked the figures and the couch so I added a simple base and like the results real well! - Denis
  4. The Modeling Forum
    Working on a new project... The Three Stooges... I really like these kits. I've built 7 or 8 sets of the Stooges over the years but never for myself.... I always wanted to do a custom base so here's a WIP shot... - Denis
1-6 of 6 Results