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  1. Losi Baja Rey

    General RC Discussion
    Does anyone know if you can/will be able to purchase the Baja Rey it a kit or rolling chassis?
  2. Anyone have a Revell Skull?

    The Modeling Forum
    Hey all. I was wondering if anyone has a Revell skull in their model stash anywhere. I have been looking all around for one, and have only been able to find one eBay post. If anyone has one, I would be willing to buy it. PM me or post here if you have one that you would like to part with. Thanks.
  3. Need a lighting kit for NX-01 PL 1/350

    Science Fiction Modeling
    I'm new to modelling. I have no idea how to wire anything from scratch. I need a lighting kit that is ready to go for the Enterprise NX-01 by Polar Lights 1/350 (not the refit). I did find some online, Monsters In Motion, a couple on eBay. Not sure if there is a better one that you all might...
  4. FS Star Wars 1/144 GR-75 Rebel Transport resin kit

    Collectibles Auction, Buy, Swap, Sell or Trade
    please delete
  5. DIY Camo Dip Kits

    The Modeling Forum
    Has anyone messed with hydrographics? Water dip printing? We are working on some millitary models and were going to try these camo dip kits ( http://www.camodipkit.com ) . Besides camo they have woodgrain and carbon fiber... Seems like a neat concept. Just looking for some feedback before I...
  6. Best Star Wars model kits - Characters

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Hey guys! I'm just starting in the world of model building/painting.. I finished my first, the Darth Vader TIE fighter and considering my skill level, it went quite well... Now I'm looking for kits of characters that I can try to build/paint. I'm looking for guidance finding the highest...