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  1. Johnny Lightning White Lightning
    Hi to all the white lightning and lightning strike experts out there. Can anyone verify if these are WL vs LS? I understand just because they have colored wheels does not mean that they are necessarily either. Thanks a bunch!
  2. Johnny Lightning 1996 Dragster

    Johnny Lightning 1996 Dragster
  3. Johnny Lightning General Discussions
    I don't know if any of you remember a guy that went by the name of "Tinywheels". He used to have a business selling Johnny lightning's online and at car shows about 8 years ago. He is my dad, I now have his entire stock of White Lightning's, its about 7 large Rubbermaid's worth of 1/64th scale...
  4. Johnny Lightning General Discussions
    About a week ago I have been searching for an info about a loose JL casting I bought on eBay. I stumbled upon Johnny Lightning wiki page on Wikia, which looked very much abandoned. Meanwhile, Hot Wheels wiki seems to be backed by a sizable community. I have created several pages for various...
  5. Johnny Lightning General Discussions
    Hello everyone, I have a small collection of Johnny Lightning/Hot Wheels/Matchbox 1:64 scale die cast vehicles that I have accumulated over the past 15 years or so, but I have decided to sell most of them. Does anyone know where I can find a good, current online price guide? I have done quite...
  6. Diecast Cars Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    Just in time for the holidays! That's right, 63 Hot Wheels all in one lot! Well, one Johnny Lightning and a few Maistro but the vast majority are Hot Wheels! All are UNOPENED and in their original packaging! Images for every car included - lot of scrolling but well worth it! eBay Item Number...
  7. Johnny Lightning General Discussions
    Looking for 83 and 84 JLs. Really want a 1984 hurst olds WL
  8. Diecast Cars General Discussions
    OLDSMOBILE TORONADO that is : TOMICA OLDSMOBILE TORONADO XSR - actually the real car was a power T-Roof Prototype that never saw public distribution (three made) - There are 8 or so Caddi Eldorados with the same treatment. I searched Shows for years for this one found it in a little...
  9. Johnny Lightning Topper
    Hi folks, Super neat (<-- yep I sure did, I said 'neat' lol) forum here! There's so much good info, of with Im in need of myself. I have, as the title mentions, a 1969 Topper Johnny Lightning Custom GTO. Im wondering if I should take it somewhere to be restored, or if doing so will depreciate...
  10. Johnny Lightning White Lightning
    Howdy, Just arrived here on this board and I was glad to see there was a Johnny Lightning forum because I have a casting that's stumping me. I would love to pick the brain of anyone knowledgeable about Bloomington Gold's 2003 "50 Years of Corvette" and their use of Johnny Lightning castings for...
1-11 of 14 Results