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  1. For sale Hotwheels Toy Fair cars

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    Selling these Hotwheels Toy Fair cars there is a 2003 Purple Passion $75), 2008 Deora $75), 2009 OCC Splitback w/card $125) 2010 Ford Shelby GT500 w/card $450), 2011 69' Copo Corvette $325) and the 2012 Camaro ZL-1 $275. Never been opened all 6 are dead mint. Open to offers for 1 or all 6.
  2. looking everywhere cant seem to find the same 3 pack

    Hot Wheels
    Were these packs random,everything ive searched seems like there is 26 different ones. Mine is not on any of them,is this one a one off or is it just purely random?
  3. Lamborghini and pagani review

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    hello my name is raymond and i collect hotwheels i have recently made a youtube channel and post hotwheel reviews i would love to have you stop by and subscribe to Turboelite2122 and watch my review on the Lamborghini and pagani review
  4. 2005-2007 Hot wheels want to trade

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    I collected about 60 hotwheels about 10 years ago and they are all brand new. I have been looking around and finding really cool 1990s hot wheels, I would love to have an older collection and was wanting to possibly trade some of mine for some older 80's or 90's hot wheels in package or MIP as...
  5. I just loved my new Avengers set so much i had to make a video :D

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    Come check it out! Before you watch it, make a prediction on the video comments on who you think will be the win. (Just trying to have some fun with it) Also feel free to help support our Hotwheel themed Youtube page by subbing and liking our videos :D We will be making more weekly. Also...
  6. Hey Everyone! Im new here and just want to say hi!

    Collectibles General Discussion
    We are a Hotwheels themed family Youtube channel that just started up! We could use all of your support to get us up and running so if you'd like to sub and follow our adventure that would be great! Come follow "The Children's Toybox" on Youtube for weekly Hotwheel videos! We will be posting...
  7. My New Channel on Classic Cars Diecast

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    Good Day mates, I am new here and would like to introduce my new channel on Youtube focusing on Classic Cars Diecast. I am a collector who loves diecast scaling 1/64 and bellow. Hope to contribute to the diecast community by sharing the knowledge and experience that i have gone through in this...
  8. The Maryland DieCast Specialists are at it again...

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    check out the link to see what the C4 Crew has been up to... http://c4hotwheels.blogspot.com/2014/12/the-last-leg-of-two-thousand-fourteen.html
  9. Unknown car spotted

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    click the tumbnail below for a picture. I was searching a while on the web, when i found this beauty with a pair of magneficent wheels under it. I'm currently searching information about the ride but haven't found any yet :confused: . So i was hoping that maybe someone on here has found...
  10. Hundreds of Cars for Sale!

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Hello, I have hundreds of hot wheels for sale or trade. I have: Lots and lots of Mainlines Treasure Hunts Faster than Evers Classics Lots of Complete Series' Bikes 100% Hot Wheels Cars Other Misc Hot Wheels Items (picture below) all of my mainlines are sorted by car, so if youre into a...
  11. Help! - Datsun 240z Super Treasure Hunt!

    Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts
    Hi guys! I was wondering if you guys could help me out?! I would like to know how much this Super is worth? And if it was yours and you was to trade it with another fellow collector what would you be looking to get for it? Thank you! Harry
  12. Help whats it worth

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    I recently found in a store clearance bin a 2011 dodge charger rt. The card shows the correct car and the correct car is in it. The error is on the side where they print the year,make and model. Its printed 71 dodge charger r/t. What would something like this be worth. I can send a photo to some...
  13. treasure hunts, sizzlers for sale

    Hot Wheels Treasure Hunts
    - hot wheels treasure hunt, olds 442, collector #353, -hot wheels treasure hunt, nomad, collector #362 - hot wheels vintage collection snake #10497 - sizzlers- 2 different 1971 barracudas, 1971 transam - hot wheels turbo streak, has rubber wheels Asking 200 obo pictures can be provided...
  14. **Going through 11 cases hotwheels basic cars at walmart. QUESTION!? with pics..

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    so i went to walmart last night low and behold there was 11 cases of 72 basic hotwheels on the palletts. lucky i know someone who works there let me go through each and every one. SO i went through every single case TOP AND BOTTOM, Every one was sealed with the hotwheels tape. But i only found 2...
  15. Buxton toy fair - event 2

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    THE BUXTON TOY FAIR - EVENT 2 SUN. 30th OCTOBER THE PALACE HOTEL (BARCELO') Palace Road, Buxton, Derbyshire, SK17 6AG. 10.30am - 3.30pm Adults £2.00, Children £1.00 - Early Bird Entry 8am £5.00 Traders, Specialists, Collectors and untouched Attic stalls supplying: Die Cast (Cars...
  16. Hot wheels wax car maker?

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Hello all, I just joined this forum to see if anyone could tell me a little about my hot wheels wax car maker. I got this at a garage sale a few years ago and really cant find much info about it. It's dated mattel inc. 1979 and includes 4 car molds, a mold holder, and 4 axles. Ill add a picture...
  17. Error Hot Wheel?

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    I have a Hot Wheel that is packaged wrong. Instead of faceing right or left it is flat in the package. The wheels are sitting on the cardboard backing of the package. This did not happen from shakeing due to shipping. We have tried to shake it back on its side and it is impossible. It is a...