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  1. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Im not sure if this is the right place to post it but its worth a shot. So in the early 2000's i was gifted with somekind of "mini set" that consisted in a fairly medium size car that you can interchange its parts, mainly wheels and chasis, but i dont remember that well if it had more parts to...
  2. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Iโ€™m fairly new to collecting and know that error card cars can be a hot item to find. I came across one I've never seen before, a reverse placement of the car on the BACK of the card. Iโ€™ve seen plenty of upside down or flipped cars, but never one with the car on the back of the card. If anyone...
  3. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Iโ€™ve recently purchased a vintage hotwheel lot from a collector. This Gran Torino was included, however I couldnโ€™t find images of this exact model with a black stripe down the middle. All of the 70s castings of this car had racing decals . The blue windshield implies it was made in Hong Kong...
1-20 of 344 Results