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  1. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    So I bought a hot wheels at the dollar store. It’s supposed to be a 14’ corvette stingray Super T Hunt but the car in the packaging is the 911 GT2 porche super THunt. Is that worth any money?
  2. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    uy here https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_Dd976Z9
  3. Hot Wheels
    Hi guys, I recently made an eBay purchase of a Maserati and when I opened it up I noticed it had a lancia 037 in it. The box doesn't look like it was designed for 2 cars and the packaging is all in foreign language so I don't know anything about it. Does anyone have any info as to what line of...
  4. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Hello, Hot Wheels collectors! I've just found this forum while I was searching for a specific model: a Bone Shaker 1:50 exclusive edition from SEMA 2007 in black. I don't know if it rare or not and that's the question I have for you. Is it rare or not? The reason for my search it's not for...
  5. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Im not sure if this is the right place to post it but its worth a shot. So in the early 2000's i was gifted with somekind of "mini set" that consisted in a fairly medium size car that you can interchange its parts, mainly wheels and chasis, but i dont remember that well if it had more parts to...
  6. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    I’m fairly new to collecting and know that error card cars can be a hot item to find. I came across one I've never seen before, a reverse placement of the car on the BACK of the card. I’ve seen plenty of upside down or flipped cars, but never one with the car on the back of the card. If anyone...
  7. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    I’ve recently purchased a vintage hotwheel lot from a collector. This Gran Torino was included, however I couldn’t find images of this exact model with a black stripe down the middle. All of the 70s castings of this car had racing decals . The blue windshield implies it was made in Hong Kong...
1-20 of 349 Results