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  1. Photography
    I decided to write in this section about my favorite hobby, which brings me a lot of fun and sometimes income) - photos I have always loved to photograph and be photographed, I became interested in photography when his son was born, my husband bought me an SLR camera Nikon5100. Throughout the...
  2. The Modeling Forum
    Hey everyone, Sorry for the delay, we just got back in the office and were finally able to get together everything we saw at iHobby 2013 in Schaumburg! We just posted a blog with a ton of pictures, information, and products, be sure to check it out. Feel free to let me know if you have any...
  3. Military / Aircraft / Space Models
    Hello fellow model enthusiasts, I have registered today to ask for your assistance because I have recently acquired a 1/72 Merkava II kit from the manufacturer Esci but the assembly instructions seem to be missing. Does someone here happen to have the assembly manual for this unit? I would...
1-3 of 4 Results