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  1. Slot Car General Discussion
    Will a 132 scale Carrera car run on a 143 scale Carrera go track?Thanks!
  2. Metal Working
    Hello! I need to have a marble propeller for my marble race track. I need to have some advice from you guys for the shaft. Im using a 6" long foam roller for the spinner. the shaft hooks up to a 3 1/2" rubber wheel that makes contact with the shaft of the DC motor. This is what i want my...
  3. The Modeling Forum
    Hello! Im really wanting to build a marble race track. i have a pretty good idea of what Im doing. Im thinking of doing straight 6x12 track pieces, with 1x1/4 guard rails. I also have my 90 degere angle turns. I only have a few questions. 1 - Im looking to use balsa wood for the base of my...
  4. Other Hobbies
    so i was riding my bike with my friend when it suddenly stopped, it felt like it choked out and died, it had fuel and everything but impossible to start, later i found out there was oil coming from the pipe front end, its a 2 stroke ktm 85sx it wont start what so ever, i dont think it can be the...
  5. Military / Aircraft / Space Models
    Ive been having some trouble with gaps in my models fitting does anyone know anything good to use ? Right now im just using revell putty but its kinda alright and im looking for better
  6. Slot Car Box Stock & Collecting
    has anyone been able to buy said chassis through the Mattel web site recently? if so, how? I tried yesterday and even spoke with a service rep. couldn't find any chassis and rep said there are none available. so if someone has very recently purchased those chassis via the Mattel web site would...
1-6 of 6 Results