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  1. How many Green Machines do you have in your collection?

    Greenlight Collectibles Green Machines
    Who here has the maximum number of Green Machines in his or her collection?
  2. What is the approximate count of Green machine produced of a particular kind ? (answer in units pls approx.)

    Greenlight Collectibles Green Machines
    What is the approximate count of Green machine produced of a particular kind ? (answer in units pls approx.) I am looking for exact number.some M2 machines super chase are 300 limited quantity produced. What is the number for a chase green machine of a particular kind of car (specific model).
  3. Can you remove and swap the hood from Greenlight Cars?

    Diecast Car Customs
    Some Greenlight cars have the ability to open the hood. Is it possible to remove this and swap it for another hood?
  4. GreenLight Open House Carnival

    Diecast Car Clubs, Shows and Events
    GreenLight will be hosting an Open House event on April 8th from 10AM - 2PM and you're invited. Come join us for a day filled with carnival games, food and die-cast giveaways. We will be featuring our current series and might even have some info regarding what's coming up next. This is a free...
  5. Wanted: Greenlight Green Machine 50 Years of Mustang Release 2

    Diecast Car Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    Wanted: Greenlight Green Machine 50 Years of Mustang Release 2 1968 Mustang GT Green Machine 1993 Mustang SSP Fox Body Green Machine Willing to buy or trade.
  6. My Greenlight Garage

    Greenlight Collectibles
    Greenlight Auction Block 1970 Challenger R/T
  7. NYPD calls for the towing crew

    Greenlight Collectibles
    Get the tow crew here, we've got cars all over the place! Happy Friday everyone, I thought I would stop by and post some photos of two NYPD trucks we've got coming out shortly. One is a tow truck, the other is a flatbed and both are done in the famous white w/blue lettering NYPD scheme. These...
  8. iHobby Expo - Schaumburg, IL Oct. 3-5th

    Diecast Car Clubs, Shows and Events
    http://www.ihobbyexpo.com/ GreenLight will again be attending the annual iHobby Expo in Schaumburg, IL on October 2nd - 5th. The 2nd and the morning of the 3rd are business only on the show floor. The afternoon of the 3rd and all day Saturday and Sunday (the 4th & 5th) are open to the public...
  9. GreenLight celebrates Anniversaries

    Greenlight Collectibles
    To commemorate two big anniversaries this year, GreenLight is releasing a special six car set. Three of the cars are Mustang models in honor of the Mustang 50th. Three of the cars are Dodge models in honor of the Dodge 100th. Samples are here and they look great. The Mustangs are all done in a...
  10. 1:18 Chevy Impala 1967 Sport Sedan & Supernatural

    Greenlight Collectibles
    I know this forum is more focused on the 1:64 scale but I did want to share photos of our newest samples. We just got in our revised 1:18 scale 1967 Chevy Impala Sport Sedan in both Ermine White and also the famous black one from the TV show Supernatural. I've attached a preview but here are...
  11. 29794 - #27 James Hinchcliffe IndyCar hauler

    Greenlight Collectibles
    We just got samples of our UFD/Andretti Autosport/James Hinchcliffe hauler. Looks pretty cool, we just went over to the Andretti shop and compared, looks pretty good to the 1:1. Here is the whole batch of photos: http://www.flickr.com/photos/glcollectibles/with/13272819955 Have a look, Matt
  12. GreenLight 10th Anniversary

    Greenlight Collectibles
    We set out last year to make a collection of ten cars that celebrated our 10th anniversary showcasing some of our more popular lines or castings over the years. As we are finishing up the set of ten, the last three cars will be appearing here in late May or early June. They feature some of the...
  13. FDNY - Crown Vic sample is in

    Greenlight Collectibles
    It has a few things we are correcting but overall it's nice to see the first GreenLight FDNY item out in pre-production form. Have a look, this one is a hobby only exclusive so check with your local shop or online dealer. Thanks, Matt
  14. Greenlight regulars for sale

    Diecast Car Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    All are $5 each plus shipping unless noted Greenlight Diorama Florida State Police and 3rd generation Trans AM - $10 Greenlight Black Bandit 1965 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible (x2) Greenlight Black Bandit 1966 Ford Galaxie 500 (x2) Greenlight Black Bandit 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback Greenlight...
  15. Greenlight NYPD 5 Vehicle Diorama

    Greenlight Collectibles
    Apparently Greenlight is coming out with a five car diorama featuring the NYPD. Anybody know more about it? Like they type of cars they are going to feature? P.S Saw the info on Manny's Diecast website.
  16. 1/64 Cross-Country Cop Car Tour

    Diecast Car Customs
    As most of you guys know, most of my set-ups are geared towards FLA- and my fictional territory of Baynard Co. and Mystic Beach. Even though I have a whole fleet dedicated to this area, I do have a lot of the releases from all over the US- from the older SpecCast, Matchbox models and Johnny...
  17. A few of my Finds this past Month

    Diecast Car Collecting General Discussions
    Hey all I added close to a hundred more models to my collection this past month so I'm not going to post them all just a few that I really like. Lets start with some better pictures of Code 3 that I posted earlier this week.
  18. My Collection Is For Sale Fallow Link

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    I have a toy diecast collection at this link www.ioffer.com/selling/ronray167?item_id=380942790 There is over 850 items and im looking to sell out the store.
  19. IMG_02372


    M2 Chase Car and Greenlight Green Machine from Hot Pursuit Series 04. Both of these came from Target.