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  1. Seeking Abbott & Costello Aurora Bluesky Movie Scene Model Kits

    The Modeling Forum
    Hello, I am trying to locate the gentleman who does those great Auroro Bluesky Monster Scene Model Kits of Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. His name is Rob. He was selling on ebay but is no longer there. If anyone has information on how to contact him I would appreciate it. I am...
  2. Frank and Bride...

    The Modeling Forum
    Here's my rendition of the Moebius Bride of Frankenstein.... I really liked the figures and the couch so I added a simple base and like the results real well! - Denis
  3. Frankenstein Aurora model

    Frankenstein Aurora model

  4. "Strange Encounter" Frankenstein sculpted by Jeff Yagher.

    "Strange Encounter" Frankenstein sculpted by Jeff Yagher.

  5. Monster Scenes Frankenstein

    Moebius Models
    I hesitated on buying the Frankenstein kit until I saw a build-up in a case at a hobby store. I knew I wouldn't want the glow feature even though Moebius took an extra step to use that kind of plastic. Not quite finished. I like to tweak the fleshtones with washes to bring...
  6. Frankensteins monster

    Frankensteins monster

    My version of Frankie.