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  1. Made the Veyron a friend...

    Diecast Car Customs
    Here's a Ferrari 599xx I finished up over the weekend. Pearl blue and silver with a tan / black interior. Initially, I was going to go with a blue / black color scheme but then I saw the lonely blue Veryon sitting in my case. As they say, the rest is history. LOL
  2. Magnum PI's Ferrari GTS

    Magnum PI's Ferrari GTS

    The 1980s Ferrari GTS driven by Magnum PI.
  3. Selling off my collection! Ferrari's, Mustangs, Corvettes, etc.

    Diecast Car Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    Guys: I've been a lurker for some time now. I'm moving from collecting as many as I can get my hands on to focussing on Mini Coopers. I'm going to be selling off my 1000+ HW's over the next month or so. Right now, I have the following three auctions on ebay: Ferrari's...
  4. Brumm Ferrari's Vintage F1

    1/43 Scale Diecast Cars
    Good day to all. I'm new to collecting 1/43 scale die cast cars. I saw some during a search on eBay that matched up with some artwork I have so I thought they would make a nice display along side my prints. I'm looking for a list of the cars made by Brumm of the '50 and '60's F! cars. I've tried...