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  1. RC Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap or Trade
    Hey folks i am hunting for a Sensored brushless motor in a 28-30mm can size and preferably a 3.175 shaft. Some i know of: Leopard 2838 Turnigy trackstar 28series Carisma 24mm series Any other options? Also looking for an esc and servo to fit in an LC Racing 14th scale truggy. Thanks, Jason
  2. RC Oval Spec Racing
    While setting up my legend for the races coming up I found myself looking into my novak gt7 esc's drive profiles. Which got me thinking about which one would suit me best. I see there is an oval setting (#5) and thought that may suit me well but thought I would ask if anyone has any experience...
  3. Brushless RC Motors & LiPo Batteries
    I recently started racing offroad at a local indoor hard surface track, and I got a new in the package Novak GTB 2 (not the one with x-drive) and installed in my Losi xxx-sct, which I got new as a roller. My problem and why I need help is it doesn't always run when I pull the throttle on my...
  4. General RC Discussion
    Pretty soon I am going to be running in a modified class. I have a few questions I'd like to ask the community. Being a broke college kid, I have to use what I have, which is a Tekin RS Pro. However, I have heard that there are a lot of issues with this. I've been told that they shut down...
  5. Short Course Truck Discussion
    Please help. I am planning to run a Losi SCTE indoors on a clay track. I need help with ESC settings. This is 2 cell also. All I know is I want something between a 14-16 tooth pinion. Have no clue where to set timing, punch, boost, RPM range,etc. PLEASE HELP! Thanks
1-5 of 10 Results