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  1. RC Oval Spec Racing
    While setting up my legend for the races coming up I found myself looking into my novak gt7 esc's drive profiles. Which got me thinking about which one would suit me best. I see there is an oval setting (#5) and thought that may suit me well but thought I would ask if anyone has any experience...
  2. Brushless RC Motors & LiPo Batteries
    I recently started racing offroad at a local indoor hard surface track, and I got a new in the package Novak GTB 2 (not the one with x-drive) and installed in my Losi xxx-sct, which I got new as a roller. My problem and why I need help is it doesn't always run when I pull the throttle on my...
  3. General RC Discussion
    Pretty soon I am going to be running in a modified class. I have a few questions I'd like to ask the community. Being a broke college kid, I have to use what I have, which is a Tekin RS Pro. However, I have heard that there are a lot of issues with this. I've been told that they shut down...
  4. Short Course Truck Discussion
    Please help. I am planning to run a Losi SCTE indoors on a clay track. I need help with ESC settings. This is 2 cell also. All I know is I want something between a 14-16 tooth pinion. Have no clue where to set timing, punch, boost, RPM range,etc. PLEASE HELP! Thanks