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  1. Scifieric's 2019 USS Enterprise

    Science Fiction Modeling
    It's been a long while since I've posted here, although I have been prowling around many vary interesting posts. I did a tutorial series on how to build a version of the USS Enterprise from the original series using Blender 3D. This was the end result of that series, plus a challenge from...
  2. ISO: Itsy-bitsy-teenie-weeinie spotlights for PL 1/350 Refit Enterprise

    Science Fiction Modeling
    I reallllly wanna have spotlights shine from the nacelles down to the lower hull of the refite Polar Lights 1/350 model of the Star Trek USS Enterprise so that there is a focused and tight spot on the Starfleet insignia. Has anyone come up with a solution to do this and be able to share with me?
  3. Need a lighting kit for NX-01 PL 1/350

    Science Fiction Modeling
    I'm new to modelling. I have no idea how to wire anything from scratch. I need a lighting kit that is ready to go for the Enterprise NX-01 by Polar Lights 1/350 (not the refit). I did find some online, Monsters In Motion, a couple on eBay. Not sure if there is a better one that you all might...
  4. Need a little help!!

    The Modeling Forum
    Need a little help with Revell 1/500 Enterprise kit I'm getting ready to do a build of the Revell 1/500 "Into Darkness" Enterprise kit. I managed to find an actual GRAY (not PINK) set of the Acreation Aztec decals. However, It didn't come with the placement guide to tell me where they go. Most...
  5. Enterprise D AMT/Ertl model, official paint colours

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Hey guys! Now that I know how to prepare the windows for my light up Enterprise D model, I need a refresher in what official paints to use for this model, since its been 20 years since I last built one! Does anyone have any knowledge of the correct paints or where I can find them? Thanks!!
  6. Best Spray Paint for the U.S.S. Enterprise?

    Science Fiction Modeling
    What is the best spray paint for the U.S.S. Enterprise outer hull?
  7. Newer hunts and zamacs for sale trade

    Diecast Car Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    I have an extra fiesta treasure hunt and extra Mazda RX7 that I would like to trade for other treasure hunts from this year. I would really like a fast fish, challenger drift or a carbonator. I have the final 3 zamacs f-100, adventador j, firebird I will sale for $12.00 shipped. I also...
  8. Lucky at Kmart

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    4 short cards!
  9. 1/350 PL Enterprise Resurrected!

    Science Fiction Modeling
    So after my misadventures with the saucer walls on my first go-around, Round 2 Models graciously sent me replacements! I showed them some of the photos and they sent me a new upper saucer, windows, and saucer walls with no hassle. Big thanks to them for that! With that, I would like to start a...
  10. Enterprise NX-01 Refit coming from Polar Lights

    Science Fiction Modeling
    I'm not a fan of the show or the ship, but I came across this article. Apparently, Polar Lights will be re-releasing the 1:1000 scale NX-01, but will also include with it parts to build the "refit" version of it as designed by Enterprise series production designer Doug Drexler. More info in...
  11. Yesterday's Enterprise, Tomorrow's Lit Model Kit

    Science Fiction Modeling
    Since I learned the hard way not to cut corners with lighting kits (My exploding battery pack Reliant) I've purchased a proper soldering kit, wires, solder, shrink tubing, heat gun and other goodies. Also I have one of those small ebay airbrush booths on the way so I'm excited to finally do...
  12. Digital Color Swatches for the TOS Enterprise

    Science Fiction Modeling
    By now everyone has seen the paint specifications for the new 1:350 Enterprise. These are the colors chosen by Polar Lights as the best hobby paint equivalents to the custom paint mixes that Gary Kerr derived from his extensive research into the studio model. Recently, the idea popped into my...
  13. Prologic9 builds: AMT 18" Enterprise

    Science Fiction Modeling
    So we're approaching the release of R2's 350 E and I'm sure I'm not the only guy who feels the need to "get ready." I've got a shat-load of projects lined up between now and then, and what better place to start than with the dawn of all Trek modeling; The Crappy AMT TOS Enterprise kit. For...
  14. Question about scale: AMT's Romulan Warbird

    Science Fiction Modeling
    I've been working on building my workbench in my garage (so I have a place to work on kits, especially my battle-damaged Reliant). I came across one of my model storage boxes when lo and behold I found not one but two unfinished models of the Romulan Warbird from AMT's Adversary set from the...