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  1. ELFIE JJRC H37 - Mini Pocket drone - Foldable - Selfie Drone + Unboxing + Review

    RC Aircraft
    Hello friends, I want to present to the last dron who has joined the songoland family. Today I will talk about JJRC ELFIE or H37 , a dron that is in the line of portable drones, as we know the pocket drones are popular this days. And I am sure we will see a rapid evolution in this model and...
  2. JJRC H36 Mini Dron + Unboxing + Review

    RC Aircraft
    Hello friends, today I open this thread to talk a little about the little JJRC 36, a super economical fun drone . These mini drones are very popular this days and there are super-similar models (or clones) from other brands, such as the Eachine E010, Blade Inductrix or furibee F36. All of them...
  3. Tie Fighter Star Wars drone Unboxing + Review + First test + imrovements

    RC Aircraft
    Hello friends, I open this thread for presented to the last dron who has joined the songoland family This time, we moved to the dark side if Star Wars. At the controls of this Tie Fighter, a piece that lovers of this saga will appreciate very well, with a level of detail very close to that of...
  4. AOSENMA CG035 GPS + Follow me + interest point + altitude hold + review

    RC Aircraft
    Hello friends, today I want to tell you a little of the last quadcopter that has joined the family. It is an AOSENMA CG035, a quad who incorporates a GPS that is possible to connect and disconnect at your whim .. With functions like his biggest competitors .. Follow me mode, automatic return...
  5. Custom Quadcopters

    RC Aircraft
    What i am offering is for anyone to request a quadcopter with any setup and electronics they would like and have it assembled by me in a easy plug-and-play format with all the connecters included, all the soldering done and all the electronics calibrated and balanced by us using professional...