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drag racing

  1. 1/12th BB+Mulligan Dragster

    Model Cars
    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/19/img1525f.jpg/Hi all,just dusting off this one for a club meet soon,,thought Id shoot a pic of it.Its a Revell 1/12th,,built about 8 yrs ago or so. Its box stock,no special wire kits ect,,just the tubing it came with. Enjoy!
  2. New Era 1/8 pro stock drag R/C

    RC Drag Racing
    I am selling my New era 1/8th scale pro stock radio control drag car. I bought the frame kit a few years ago and purchased the engine last summer. I never had the time to fully break in the motor. I only put 2 tanks of fuel through it. I followed the break in instructions for those two tanks...
  3. Drag Cars and HO Dragstrips across the nation

    Slot Car General Discussion
    Just a FYI, and this may already be a common site for you guys. But I ran across this slotcar Drag Racing site, and found it quite interesting, especially the pix of Drag Cars and also the directory of Drag Tracks across the nation.... Cool H.O. Drag Cars etc