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  1. Lancaster bomber diorama with synchronized engines

    Well here's a project that's taken me 50 years to get off the ground. I've always wanted to build a large scale Lancaster Bomber with working engines that are synchronized to an actual Lancaster start up soundtrack. After doing a fair bit of investigation I think I'm almost there... on the...
  2. When Pokemon Go Goes Wrong

    Diecast Car Customs
    I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted any updates, and with a bunch of projects in various stages, along with recent acquisitions continuing to pile up on the work bench, it's been tough keeping up. Anyway, FDMB, Baynard Police, and FHP have really had their hands full as this Pokémon...
  3. Milena Rose dioramas

    Diecast Car Dioramas
    Scale 1:64th
  4. Japanese Themed Diorama Shot on 16mm Film

    Hi everyone, We were recently commissioned to create a really unique brand video for our client Yutaka Foods- Europe's largest Japanese food importer. I just wanted to let you know that we have now built the models and shot them all, edited and uploaded the video online. The 70 secs ad...
  5. 1stPix Diecast Dioramas: Making of a New Street Layout

    I'm by no means any kind of diorama expert, and what works for me, may not necessarily work for anyone else, but over the years, I've gotten a lot of questions about how I create my not so small, small scale scenes... Here's a step by step (more or less) look at a new section of layout under...
  6. What can in use for a small diorama box?

    Hi, I make tiny houses which need a setting in which to be displayed. The houses are 15cm high x 10cm width. The ideal size for them to live in is about the size of a sardine can. I Currently make my boxes out of porcelain clay but that is fiddly and takes time. I'd much rather find something in...
  7. Latest Diorama

    Diecast Car Dioramas
    Here is my latest built, still in progress... Just started last Thursday.... this is my 23rd garage.....
  8. Bowerbird Garage - 2nd Single Bay Garage

    Diecast Car Customs
  9. Single Bay Garage

    Diecast Car Customs
    It's been a long time since my last post, here is my first single bay garage..... hope you will like it....
  10. Everyday Emergencies in Mystic Beach

    Diecast Car Dioramas
    Seems like every time you turn around there's another calamity brewing in Baynard County... from crashes, to mishaps, strange occurrences, to downright chaos, on the streets and highways in 1:64 scale paradise: Too Fast, Now Furious. Putting the Pieces of the Pedestrian Crash Puzzle...
  11. Emhar 1/35 Scale Mk V WWI Tank

    Military / Aircraft Models
    [IMG-LEFT]http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/emh/images/emh_4005_title.jpg[/IMG-LEFT] I just picked up this kit, and it's fairly nicely moulded, but boy, do the instructions ever suck. This is exacerbated by the complete lack of pins or location marks (a la Italeri's lightly raised...
  12. Welcome Back to MY City

    Diecast Car Dioramas
    First off, i'd like to THANK everyone out there in diecast-land for all the interest, comments and support in my hobby. It's always nice to hear from actual people and get feedback from others who enjoy my creations just as much as i do. I am well aware that most people don't have the time and...
  13. My second diorama

    My second diorama

    I ended up using a 1/32 scale M16 truck and 1/35 scale hedgehogs. It was my first time putting together the hedgehogs since they required cement. I know they look like they were built by the lowest government contract bidder lol
  14. my frist diorama

    my frist diorama

    I used the AT-AT from the Star wars Miniature game for it
  15. Cleaning Up after Hurricane Sandy

    Diecast Car Dioramas
    You still can't fight mother nature. But, now that Hurricane, AKA Super Storm, Sandy has petered out... it's time to start cleaning up the mess. Hurricane Clean-up Diorama by Phil's 1stPix, on Flickr Beach Clean-up Diorama by Phil's 1stPix, on Flickr Turn Around... DON'T Drown Diorama by...
  16. Sizzlin' Summer Car Shows in MYstic Beach

    Diecast Car Dioramas
    Well, now that Spring is over, things are really heating up in Baynard County... and the Sizzlin' Summer Car Show Season is kicking off: First up is the Flame Brigade Car Club Next is the Low Rider & Land Yacht Show Sneak Peek: Fire Brigade Car Show by PMC 1stPix, on Flickr Sizzlin' Summer...
  17. Spring into Car Show Season

    Diecast Car Dioramas
    Well, it's Car Show season once again in Mystic Beach- and that, of course, means blocking off city streets, filling up the fields at county parks, and taking over a few local car dealerships... hope you enjoy: Spring into Car Show Season: Law Enforcement Day by PMC 1stPix, on Flickr Going...
  18. Hit the 1/64 Highway

    Here's some shots of my NEW Interstate Highway diorama layout: Yet Another Mishap On MY Highway by PMC 1stPix, on Flickr For Official Use Only Diorama by PMC 1stPix, on Flickr Daily Grind Highway Diorama by PMC 1stPix, on Flickr Patience Pays Off by PMC 1stPix, on Flickr Thanks for...
  19. TEXACO Gas Station diorama

    Last summer my brother and I just wanted to make something really challenging and spontaneously decided to build this Texaco Gas Station diorama. Here you see a few pics of the building process. The model is 100% styrene with little metal parts here and there for hinges and things like that. It...
  20. VIN's Garage

    Diecast Car Customs
    more images @ my site... thanks for looking...http://bowerbirdgarage.blogspot.com