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  1. Diecast Cars Custom Builds
    It's that time of year again in 1:64 scale paradise... don't miss all your favorite fire trucks etc. from all over the U.S. (and the globe)- at the 2013-14 Non-Denominational End of Year Emergency Vehicle Procession: Almost Time to Roll: Not a Xmas Parade by Phil's 1stPix, on Flickr FDNY...
  2. Diecast Cars Dioramas
    First off, i'd like to THANK everyone out there in diecast-land for all the interest, comments and support in my hobby. It's always nice to hear from actual people and get feedback from others who enjoy my creations just as much as i do. I am well aware that most people don't have the time and...
  3. Diecast Cars Custom Builds
    Digitally re-mastered for 2013... with 7 seconds of never before seen bonus footage, director's commentary, alternate endings, and the special edition, highly controversial, original cantina bar scene where the soup shoots first... Recipe for Disaster by Phil's 1stPix, on Flickr Collision...
1-3 of 3 Results