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  1. I just loved my new Avengers set so much i had to make a video :D

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    Come check it out! Before you watch it, make a prediction on the video comments on who you think will be the win. (Just trying to have some fun with it) Also feel free to help support our Hotwheel themed Youtube page by subbing and liking our videos :D We will be making more weekly. Also...
  2. Hey Everyone! Im new here and just want to say hi!

    Collectibles General Discussion
    We are a Hotwheels themed family Youtube channel that just started up! We could use all of your support to get us up and running so if you'd like to sub and follow our adventure that would be great! Come follow "The Children's Toybox" on Youtube for weekly Hotwheel videos! We will be posting...
  3. Selling Massive 40+ Item Dale Earnhardt Collection

    Collectibles Auction, Buy, Swap, Sell or Trade
    I'm brand new to these forums and I don't expect to sell the collection right away so I do not have any pictures of the collection yet but if there is any real interest they will be uploaded promptly, if not I'm hoping that someone may be able to direct me to a means or another forum where I may...
  4. New site: http://diecastwarehouse.com.au/

    Diecast Car Collecting General Discussions
    Hey from Australia ! I love diecasts, but I'm kind of new in this field, so I need your advices : Is Diecast Warehouse a good site to buy some new diecast models ? It looks like it's a really new website, so it could either be the best website ever for diecast collectables, or a bad website...
  5. 1971 Rupp Scrambler

    Collectibles Auction, Buy, Swap, Sell or Trade
    This bike is in great shape and is all Original. Has NOT been Restored. The bike was in storage for 40 years and is the real deal if you are into Rupps. There is less then 4 hours running time on this bike. The nubs are still on the original Rupp tires. The paint has a couple spots that are...