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  1. Can you flood a small engine crankcase leaving the choke on?

    Small Engine Repair 4-Cycle
    Hi we recently rented a large 19HP gas powered Kohler vacuum and after about 2.5 hours runtime, it started sputtering out and spewing oil and smoke - we had to stop work. The rental agency later told us it was a flooded crankcase and that we had left the choke on the whole time. I'm not that...
  2. Gcv160 mower stopped, won't start

    Small Engine Repair General Discussion
    Hi. I just joined the forum. Very impressed with what I found here while googling fixes for this, but don't see this particular situation: Engine stopped after operating normally for about twenty minutes. There was no deteriorating performance until the moment it stopped. Does not fire on...
  3. Briggs and Stratton Start Issue

    Small Engine Repair 4-Cycle
    I am working on a B&S 6.5HP on a push mower. Replaced air filter, spark plug, gas oil, and rebuilt carb. Lawn mower will not cold start when choke valve is completely closed. I can manually open the choke valve, and the mower starts fine from a cold start. Once the mower is warmed up, it will...