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  1. M2 Machines
    Hi I was wondering what this k2 chase is worth it’s the Diet Coke 1 out of 750 chase it’s the bottom one
  2. M2 Machines
    So I've been starting off collecting M2s and I've found them to be quality diecast model cars, any ideas to find out when they're doing a show? I have no idea how to find out how to get those exclusives.
  3. Diecast Cars General Discussions
    Hello, Trying to understand the factors that lead to a product being desirable. Jotted down a few... 1. Relating to self: Based on past experience, a particular diecast model can be desirable. For example, Oktoberfest 2019 Volkswagen van coz i visited it in 2019 2. Packaging: The card...
  4. GreenLight Collectibles
    We set out last year to make a collection of ten cars that celebrated our 10th anniversary showcasing some of our more popular lines or castings over the years. As we are finishing up the set of ten, the last three cars will be appearing here in late May or early June. They feature some of the...
  5. IMG_02372

    M2 Chase Car and Greenlight Green Machine from Hot Pursuit Series 04. Both of these came from Target.
1-5 of 8 Results