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  1. Brushless RC Motors & LiPo Batteries
    this is my first attempt to try a brushless motor. i am looking into this or similar motor: Emax CF2805 1700kv Brushless Motor and have several questions. (1) any recommendation for a similar motor that weighs around 25 grams or less? thrust between 100-300 grams? (2) what propeller should come...
  2. Hot Wheels General Discussions
    here the new 1/18 The Fast and The Furious 1970 Dodge Charger by Hot Wheels ELITE:
  3. Model Cars
    Finishing up my first model in nearly a year, Revell's 1968 Dodge Charger. This one will be on display at my Auto Center, rare (for 1968 17 white with red interior Hemi's) and will be nicely detailed once finished. 426 with dual inline carbs, headers, stripped interior including radio delete. I...
  4. Model Cars
    [/URL][/IMG]http://http://i1327.photobucket.com/albums/u664/axlemount112/IMG_3068_zpsd6b7acdb.jpgHi all,,just finished a modified AMT FC,,"Electra Charger" I call it. Lots of scratch built stuff,,almost all of it in fact,,except the body+ floorpan.
1-5 of 6 Results