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    Hi collectors, This is my second day being a member on HobbyTalk. I'm very proud to be a part of this website, chatting with a whole bunch of collectors with my same hobby. Gotta love collecting Hot Wheels! :thumbsup: Just to show how serious I am, I have some pictures down below of my...
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    When my friend Kayla was told she had to create a documentary for her film class, she asked me if I would be her subject. I was flattered she thought of me. I thought it turned out pretty well. Check it out: - JJ www.hollywood-diecast.com
  3. Diecast Car Collecting General Discussions
    Hello all, new here. Starting to collect 1/18 diecast/assembly line. Actually started collecting years before with an Audi TT Roadster but accidentally damaged it. So now, here I am, restarting to collect again, this time with an Audi R8 (not that I'm such a huge fan of Audi lol) Well...