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  1. Small Engine Repair 4-Cycle
    I have a generac generator with a Tecumseh HM100 engine. It will start with half a pull when its cold and run beautifully...will not start when it is hot. Since, have replaced spark plug, magneto, carb, and done a compression test. It will hold 150 psi hot or cold,but I noticed anything under...
  2. Small Engine Repair 4-Cycle
    Briggs 35 classic engine, The throttle springs are weak and sometime she will start sometime not, when she does run she is awkward to idle. what does each spring do so I can set the throttle or where can I get replacements. google searches for spares have proved useless.
  3. Small Engine Repair 2-Cycle
    It's a 42cc. It will start when very cold and run for 20-30 seconds. I've checked the muffler. I've checked spark. I've cleaned the carb(everything looked very clean, including the screen). I tightened the adjustment screws all in, then backed out 1-1/2 turns. If I try to give gas, it...
1-3 of 3 Results