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  1. Model Cars
    I may be remembering wrong, but I and some friends all remember a series of kits, from the 60's - 80's maybe, that you literally had to assemble similarly to the real vehicle, just on a smaller scale. We remembered them as being metal, but that may be incorrect. The parts screwed together and...
  2. Diecast Cars General Discussions
    Hey from Australia ! I love diecasts, but I'm kind of new in this field, so I need your advices : Is Diecast Warehouse a good site to buy some new diecast models ? It looks like it's a really new website, so it could either be the best website ever for diecast collectables, or a bad website...
  3. Model Cars
    Hello, I'm not actually an automotive modeler (more of an airplane) guy, but I would like to build a model of a Top Fuel (Rail) dragster. There appear to be very few kits out there of these machines. I remember building a Revell Top Fueler (1/24, 1/25?) when I was a kid. Why are there so few...
1-3 of 3 Results