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briggs & stratton

  1. B&S Won't stay running (new carb) - runs if I restrict carb airflow

    Small Engine Repair 4-Cycle
    I've got a B&S (125K02-0187-E1) that won't stay running. I've done a bunch of research and the obvious culprit is the carb, but I just replaced the entire carb with a brand new OEM one, and it didn't help. It was a replacement motor I got on Craigslist to replace the one on my Super Recycler...
  2. 8HP Briggs, working before cosmetic restore.

    Small Engine Repair 4-Cycle
    Hello all, I am currently working on a restoration project that is an older Arenaquip Ice Refinisher (mini zamboni basically) for ice hockey rinks. Manufactured in Quebec I believe. Any ways, the restoration is a cosmetic one for the most part. The engine is a 8HP Briggs and Stratton vertical...
  3. B&S Engine Turning Over but no Start

    Small Engine Repair General Discussion
    Hello all. New to the forum but here to get help. I have a Cub Cadet RZT 50 Model # 17BA5A7P710 with a Briggs and Stratton Intek 22HP engine. Last week I was mowing and it completely went dead as I mowed. I could not get it to restart. Being the novice I am, I thought maybe the fuel filter was...