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  1. Science Fiction Modeling
    In liu of waiting for extras parts for my B9 Lost in Space robot I have started a build of the Bandai 1:144 X-wing Starfighter. Follow along below as I build it. All parts have been washed in warm soapy water and then washed again in water to get rid of any extra soap. Find that the plastic...
  2. Model Kits Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap or Trades
    Hello, I am looking to purchase a Bandai Otona no Chogokin Space Shuttle Endeavour 1/:44 scale model. I am located in California. Please email me if you have one for sale ([email protected]). Thank you.
  3. Science Fiction Modeling
    Hi Guys, I recently purchased a Bandai 1/500 scale model of the Space Battleship Yamato (model # 0186230), which is almost entirely in Japanese. While I can probably get by with just the pictures and diagrams, I'd still prefer to have a translated copy of the instructions, but I haven't been...
1-3 of 3 Results