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  1. Looking to BUY or trade for camaro's

    Hot Wheels General Discussions
    i really want the green camaro from sema car show and the red one for 2012 toy fair.is anyone selling? i also want the 2010 super thunt camaro and any reg camaros i do not have i can pay paypal or meet in person new york long island i have over 400 ebay feedback that i can link you too and i...
  2. More themes for the 1-120 range for 2012

    Matchbox General Discussions
    More themes have been discovered for the 2012 1-120 range: 1. ISLAND Series (Quarry King, toyota 4runner, VW saveiro, dodge viper GTS-R, jeep hurricane, sahara survivor, BMW Z4, hovercraft, MBX 4x4, hummer H2) 2. CONSTRUCTION Series ( International CXT, scraper, ground breaker, dirt hauler...
  3. Offiicial 1-120 listing for 2012 (known to date)

    Matchbox General Discussions
    thought it would be good to have this post to satisfy the need for those who would like to know the 1-120 listing for 2012. I am sure that some may agree it is taking a little longer than anticipated for the proper list to be released. If you have a segment model that reflects MB numbers that...
  4. 2012 CRCRC Winter Midwest Championships

    RC Offroad Racing Events
    http://crcrcmidwestchamps.com/ Mark your calendars for the 2012 CRCRC Winter Midwest Championship races. This is one of the biggest and longest running off-road races in the nation held every year in January. The electric off road Winter Midwest champs will be celebrating its 25th...