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  1. Diecast Cars Custom Builds
    I know it's been quite awhile since I've posted any updates, and with a bunch of projects in various stages, along with recent acquisitions continuing to pile up on the work bench, it's been tough keeping up. Anyway, FDMB, Baynard Police, and FHP have really had their hands full as this Pokémon...
  2. DJR Shell Fords

    1:64 scale DJR Shell Fords John Bowe Sierra, Paul Radisich Falcon
  3. GreenLight Collectibles
    Greenlight Auction Block 1970 Challenger R/T
  4. M2 Machines
    M2 Machines Detroit Muscle R16 1970 Ford Torino GT
  5. Ertl
    Here is my complete Fast and Furious collection with all 78 cars on single cards:
  6. Diecast Cars Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    I have already following cars and I'm still looking for #10 and #14, maybe #16 too if there is one... PLEASE offer ANY condition!!!! loose cars, damaged cards, like new cards!!! everything!!! ALSO looking for 3 car pack #2, but ONLY mint on card. :wave: If you have any pictures of #10,#14...
  7. Diecast Cars Auctions, Buy, Sell, Swap/Trade Items
    Hi, I'm looking for these two cars from Fast and Furoius promotion series, a silver Dodge Viper GTS with stripes and red Revolution1 future car: I think these are the first promotion cars for the first movie. They were released in 2003 by RC ERTL / Racing Champions. I have already a Plymouth...
  8. GreenLight Collectibles
    Get the tow crew here, we've got cars all over the place! Happy Friday everyone, I thought I would stop by and post some photos of two NYPD trucks we've got coming out shortly. One is a tow truck, the other is a flatbed and both are done in the famous white w/blue lettering NYPD scheme. These...
  9. Diecast Cars Dioramas
    First off, i'd like to THANK everyone out there in diecast-land for all the interest, comments and support in my hobby. It's always nice to hear from actual people and get feedback from others who enjoy my creations just as much as i do. I am well aware that most people don't have the time and...
1-9 of 9 Results