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  1. Brumm Ferrari's Vintage F1

    1/43 Scale Diecast Cars
    Good day to all. I'm new to collecting 1/43 scale die cast cars. I saw some during a search on eBay that matched up with some artwork I have so I thought they would make a nice display along side my prints. I'm looking for a list of the cars made by Brumm of the '50 and '60's F! cars. I've tried...
  2. The Opel Collection - 1/43 Opel Senator A2

    1/43 Scale Diecast Cars
    From the blog: http://keefyd.blogspot.ch/2013/01/the-opel-collection-143-opel-senator-a2.html
  3. The Opel Collection - 1/43 Opel Kadett D GT/E

    1/43 Scale Diecast Cars
    From the blog: http://keefyd.blogspot.ch/2013/01/the-opel-collection-143-opel-kadett-d.html
  4. Spider web method?

    Hi all, A long story cut short. My daughter is in the process of finishing a school project, a diorama based on her recent school camp. Everything is looking pretty impressive with flock grass, a dirt/sand area with a fire drum and some quite realistic looking gum trees (Australian native)...