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  1. Science Fiction Modeling
    I've read here and other places, and I don't remember seeing anything either way on this question: When Polar Lights came out with the smooth saucer, did they fix the "three lights in the wrong place on the saucer's underside" problem? (I haven't bought the kit yet.) Thanks! John
  2. Science Fiction Modeling
    I have a blue molded P/L refit 1/350 Enterprise.I have not seen any other like this. Is it a special edition? Any information about this kit would be helpful.Should i build it or save it???
  3. Science Fiction Modeling
    So after my misadventures with the saucer walls on my first go-around, Round 2 Models graciously sent me replacements! I showed them some of the photos and they sent me a new upper saucer, windows, and saucer walls with no hassle. Big thanks to them for that! With that, I would like to start a...
1-3 of 3 Results