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  1. Agricultural Diecast Auctions Buy Sell Swap/Trade
    1\16 Case Spirit of ‘76 Agri King For Sale by Auction out of Saskatchewan , Canada Shipping Available -Link to Item
  2. Agricultural Diecast Collector General Discussions
    I am wanting to make a John Deere DB120 in 1/16 scale. This does exist in 1/64 and I would love to make one for my 1/16 collection. The scale of this thing is huge as it would be 7.5 feet wide when open. I do not know where to go for parts such as wheels and the other parts such as seed tanks...
  3. 1/16 Model A Ford

    I want the rear end to look like it's floating behind the body by hideing the springs and links under the car.
1-3 of 4 Results