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Hot Wheels General Discussion

Hot Wheels talk.
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Hot Wheels - Photos! Photos! Photos!

Hot Wheels HW HWs on going photo only picture threads.
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Hot Wheels Annual Conventions and Events

Hot Wheels HW HWs - Annual Collectors (1986-today); National Convention (2001-today); Brazil Hot Wheels Convention (2008-2010) event discussions.
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Hot Wheels Collectors com

Hot Wheels HW HWs Collectors web based Red Line Club membership group with annual and special issue releases (2002-today); HWC Series 1-14 (2002-2016); HWC Mobil Oil 4 Car Set (2002); HWC Original 16 (2011-2020); HWC Special Editions (2012-2016), RLC Membership Cars (2002-today); RLC Rewards Series (2006-2013); RLC sELECTIONS (2004-today) discussions.
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Hot Wheels Video Games

Hot Wheels HW HWs video games & related diecast cars discussions.
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