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: A little more for sale.

06-23-2008, 08:06 AM
Thinning out some of my gear part 2

All prices include shipping and handling and any fees and item properly packed. Prices are firm and all items adults owned and maintained by an experienced racer - all items used in race conditions and never abused or ran off prepared track surface.

Will not ship international or to PO boxes or unconfirmed addresses through paypal. All items shipped USPS ground not tracking or insurance - you want that you pay for it.

Will ship once funds are in my bank account.

E-mail with any questions.


Power source 30 amp power supply – similar to rivergate

$55 shipped



7 pairs new F-brushes

$15 shipped


6 pairs new 4499 brushes

$13 shipped


14 pairs 767 new brushes

$29 shipped


Purple end stock motor with 767 brushes along with a stock handout motor with F-brushes and a trinity new armature

$26 shipped


Stock motor tool kit, custom stainless steed bushing / bearing remover, motor post removel tool, hood alignment tool, trinity oil, paragon com juice, brush/com cleaning sticks, bushing polishing compund, misc shims, springs, screws and a motor break-in stand

$25 shipped


Reedy new modified springs (1) – 741, (4) – 742

$12 shipped


Only trades I am looking for are:

Team Checkpoint TC-1030 charger

Custom painted 1/12 scale bodies new

Lipo pack for 3PK radio

New Purple / Gray or Magenta tires for CRC car

CRC Gen X spare parts or parts car

Binding plug for Spektrum micro receiver.

06-23-2008, 05:27 PM