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: B&S 15 hp OHV vert shaft engine manual

04-29-2008, 07:37 PM
I have an engine that is exhausting thick white smoke, has pretty good power, but the smoke is so thick you can't see the yard. I think the rings are bad, but I haven't done a compression test or leak down test yet. Can anyone provide me with or steer me to a manual? Engine info is as follows;
Briggs & Stratton 15 hp OHV vert shaft engine,
Family YBSXS.5012VP 274826
2 bar codes on enine cover;*283H070197E1*

05-01-2008, 10:47 PM

05-02-2008, 10:01 PM
You may want to check your oil for the smell of fuel and being over full, White smoke is a sign of fuel contamination from a non seating float valve in the carb......