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Someone came today to look at the shuttle. It was actually fun, as they were definitely fans. I had forgotten how awesome it is in person, especially if you have never seen it before. Pictures are ok but to actually climb inside and to touch it and realize how big this thing really is definitely better.

I reminded me that S.H. had it at the Anaheim 20th anniversary of Star Trek convention and charged one dollar a head to go into a tent to see it. He made 6 grand that weekend. I had it at one small convention in Cleveland and sold $3200 in T-shirts. Of course Gene Winfield was sitting next to me autographing and selling his photos of the shuttle and other props he worked on for Hollywood. It is definitely an attraction.

Almost 8 days left on the auction. I wonder who will have the guts to get it?

Oh, and John P. believe me it will take more than a new coat of paint to restore me lol.

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