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I am the Dunderhead

Hello Captain April and others.

I am the Dunderhead. I am about to sell this albatros, and since you all have opinions on the subject why don't you buy it?

I have spent over $100,000 over the years trying to restore and to store the thing. The photo of it in a "Scrapyard" was actually where it was parked undergoing restoration from a guy with whom I had contracted the work. I was called one day and told get it out of here you have one day to do so. I had it hauled to another location where it is in storage.

The guy I learned went to jail and his business sold. He basically ruined alot of the work that had been done by leaving it sit out in the rain.

Before you call people names, walk a mile in their shoes ok? I have struggled with this since 1989. I have paid various people to do work and they have all let me down. I have also had some amazing adventures with it. If you want to know more then ask. But, do not condemn me as I have suffered mightily.
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