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Originally Posted by ThomasSuter View Post
Oh driver's, great night at Indy r/c saturday and a awesome Sunday, plum crazy. Rumor's of indoor dirt track coming to town, I hope, this will blow the r/c world out of the water we are very excited for this at Indy R/c. This will be a major plus for the hobbie shop. The endurance race is more complicated than it seem's, hot TITAN motor's and such. We want to be more economical for the R/C guy's. Guy's running the stock slash class, alot of new racer's and I beleive this will be once again the number 1 class again for the offroad guy's. Well all guy's on WED offroad voted for off-road carpet so we will run inside WED'S now. Sat the same, appreciate all of you off-road guy's for supporting the carpet off road, like running clay with no mess comode. I would like to start a drifting class in the dark for on road guy's, give comment's at hobby shop. Look up SSR DRIFTING on you tube and you will see, it pump's driver up. Oh buy the way racer left M11 controller and 2.4GHZ, traxxas controller, both returned to customer's, want to thank all racer's for the turning them in and returning to rightful owner's. JUST ANOTHER GOOD DAY OF RACING COMODE. P.S. Don still keeping eye out for transponder to pop up. COMODE
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