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Quarter Scale Introduction Thread

Please take the time to post a little about yourself so we can all get to know the person behind the name. If you let us know your location, that can help answer any questions you may have about 1/4 scale racing in your area.

And as always, visit the qsac.org site to get all the details on Quarter Scale Racing, clubs, tracks and mfgs.

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I will start this off!

My name is Tim McCown from Alabama. I race at Lagoon Park Raceway. I have been racing there since 1999. I got my start in 1/10 scale electrics and moved to 1/4 scales in late 2001. I was racing full scale dirt cars when I found R/C in the form of airplanes. Having the need to compete, it didn't take long to find R/C racing at a small bull rink in Tuscaloosa. It's been LPR and 1/4 scales ever since.

After receiving a promotion at work, upgrading to a new computer system, then having to travel between April to Oct, I decided this past season would be a good time to take a break. Now I'm ready to get back to LPR for some of the best 1/4 scale action around.

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I will go next,

I am Niels Christensen from Cedar Rapids Iowa, I have been racing r/c cars since 1991. I started with an off road truck and then moved to oval and on road, I would race my oval car on the road course back in the rc10 ss days. As I have been racing I have gotten my kids into racing and my wife has raced off and on. I purchased my 1/4 scale about 5 years ago when Terry and myself went and watched them race at Storm Steel one weekend. I now have 3 1/4 scales with my oldest racing one. Currently we race 1/10 & 1/18 scales during the winter at West Branch Iowa, with all 3 of my kids. During the summer we all race at Algona and Ft. Dodge and the occasional race we can get going at Storm Steel. We have also been known to show up at MPR from time to time. I spend alot of time in my truck during the summer as you can tell. I can tell you I have more fun racing the 1/4 scales then I do the smaller cars, if I could race the 1/4 scale all year long I would.

I am also trying to get a national point system going with tracks from across the country, its free and for fun and maybe some good time track smacking of each other which I know most of you can do. If interested let me know.

QSAC member 1836

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My Name is Scott Harper, I am from Clay, Alabama(Birmingham).

I started way back in '87 with a Kyosho Ultima up in Huntsville, Alabama running R/C Hobbies Dirt Oval. I then moved back to Birmingham and began running off-road at Oak Mountain. I then discovered pan cars and began running road course with the Magic City R/C Club. But then came OVAL and I was hooked. With the invention of capped tires I really found what I liked to race. I raced these cars all over the country.

After taking some time off my "friend" Jerry Evans got me into the BRP 1/18th scale racers over at Lakeland speedway (see Bama BRPs on YouTube) and I was back in. Then another good "friend" Tim Smith asked me if I would like to run one of his Nitro Pan cars at the upcoming Boyd Hughes race. I was in and HOOKED, dangit. I have raced for Tim since 2007 in Nitro Pan and even had a small part in the design of the current car.

Now some more good "friends" talked me into getting a Quarter Scale, so I bought a used WCM and just never really got that car under me, if you know what I mean. So last year I bought a used Lightning from Raymond Johnson and had a BLAST with it this year. Placing second in our Super Series, second at the Fall Nationals at Lakeside Speedway and winning the Club Series here at LPR. It has been a great year. I even got to pay back one of those "friends" by getting him into Quarter Scale. You are very Welcome Tim!! I have also served as Club secretary for the CCRC club and writen a newsletter or two for our track.

To say I like R/C Racing is an understatement. But that is not the only thing I like about it, the racing. It is the fellowship and the friendships that I have had and formed over these 25 years of racing toy cars. Even with all the "bickering" we seem to do at times, I would not trade any of this for anything else in the world. OK a bazillion dollars but hey who wouldn't?

I get a real kick out of making these things go and go fast and seeing what works. I am always willing to lend a hand even though I might not seem like it or seem like I am buried in my own stuff, but if you ask I will give you what ever you need to make your day better. At least I try to anyway.

I have a racing motto, "I may be outrun-but I WON'T be out worked"

See you guys at LPR, Lakeside, NCS1 and NSC2.

Scott Harper
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Ok...I'll go next. My name is J.R. Hartley and I'm from Montgomery, Alabama, home of the CCRC!! Some people have probably been quarterscale racing longer than I have been alive. I started rc racing when I was 5 years old. I started with the 1/8 scale stuff, then went 1/10 scale on-road when I was about 7 years old. After going back to off-road for about a year, I moved up to a slingshot modified (about the size of a mini sprint) when I was 8-9 years old. Then you guessed it,... back to off-road we went, until the Boyd Hughes All-Star Challenge 2009 I got my first 1/4 scale, and I Love it!!

In my 2 full seasons I have won Limited sportsman super series championship, 2nd in the limited club series. I got 3rd place in my first sportsman race which was the 2010 BHASC. In 2011 I won the sportsman super series championship, and 2nd place in the club Truck series. Oh yea, can't forget the most important wins... the 2011 Boyd Hughes All-Star Challenge, and the prelude to the BHASC.

I hope to meet a lot of you at the QSAC races in 2012!!

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I'm Ken Dillard, from Inman, SC

Got my start in racing, as a free helper with local race teams in 1979. In 1981, I started making my living in racing. I worked as a fabricator with many different NASCAR car builders, Cup & Nationwide teams up until 2 years ago.

During this time I also drove myself. Started with Sprint/Enduro Karts, then ran a few years with the SCCA. After the SCCA racing, I started driving stock cars. Ran locally for a few years & ended up running in the old NASCAR Goody's Dash Series. Ran that series a long time & ran everywhere from short tracks to Daytona. Also made 2 starts in the ARCA series. Ended up back on the short tracks locally & after winning 8 races in 2008, I retired from driving.

I made a career change from racing about 2 years ago, bought a lake house close to my kids & my just born grandson. After all those years of traveling & the way "big time" racing has changed, it was time.

After a while being around home, my wife said it's time for me to do something, maybe take up a hobby. (Thanks Dear!) I was always curious about R/C cars & after a little internet surfing, I found out about 1/4 scales. After a few visits to Lakeside & Easley tracks, I was hooked. Bought a used WCM first to get started. Ran it for a while, learning the ropes. Then sold it to another newbee. I now run a 2011 Lightning. I run mainly at Lakeside & occasionally at Easley. Never even held a remote before then, but now I'm having the time of my life!

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Greetings all my name is Scotty Zirk and I live in Tifton Ga. (better known as the speed trap on I-75 in South Ga)LOL

I'am new to 1/4 scale race'n with only a handfull of races but not to R/C race'n. Started way back in the early 70's on the west coast of Florida running 1/8 scale pan cars . Back in the Delta-Thorpe-Associated-Taurus-Marker car days running Veco .19's with Perry .40 carbs. What a blast race'n with locals and a trip to Miami to race with a club down there. Then took some time off to race 4 cyl cars (mini-stock& mod-mini's) . Then back to 10th and 1/12 scale electric till some months back when I got the urge to try something that just plain looked like fun , 1/4 scale race'n. And I havent looked back. Got to be the most fun I've had in years .

The race'n reminds of the old mini stock days and I'am lucky to be race'n with a great group of people at LPR. Its a great facility with people who are always ready to help ya. The race'n is fierce but freindly.
Really looking forward to next season and getting car better and getting more track time so I get better. Unfortunately I'am hard headed enough that i wont give up and that being said I can sometimes be a pain and be in the way. So track time is a must. LOL

Hope in the future I'll have the pleasure of meeting some of you fine people.

Catch ya around the corner
Scotty Zirk
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I Guess i will go next.
I live Fall River Ma.
How i got started was walking into a hobby shop seeing a 1/4 tube GN frame.Nothing on the car just a bare frame. In the mid 80's.I did not know an R/C car was that big.I was hooked.The owner said he made the frame. I asked if i could take measurements of the frame. He said yes i still have the frame.The roll cage is brake tubing.I don't think moly tubing is worth the cost.
A few years of making things for me.I saw an ad in R/C car Modeler.About an R/C trade show in Alanta 1990.I went with just spun rims knock-off hubs and a new front end.I did not belong there,But i did meet 3 of the big boys of 1/4 scale at the time.

I don't race but i have helped 1/4 scale.More than one might know.It started back in 1990.I don't care who takes the credit for an idea of mine.I like sitting on the background.
Being copied or someone taking an idea.Means i did something right and i made someone think about the idea.
To help 1/4 scale grow which i would like to see.

Have a Merry Christmas
ED Berube
First Quarter Racing
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I am Rick Klein from Algona Iowa. I hav been racing r/c since 1973 Qt scale since 1985. With the help of Wally Taylor from Sioux Center conceived the Idea of the Cornbelt Series that has grown to be the premer racing series in Iowa. I am the current president of Veterans Park Speedway, and am on the board of directors for the Kossuth County Racing Hall of Fame and the Kossuth County Ag and Motor sports museum.
My work is Antique toy restoration www.ricksweewheels.com
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Come on racers, now is a good time to introduce yourselves to the Quarter Scale Community!
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My name is Tim Smith, better known in the R/C world as "Coyote". I live in McCalla, Alabama and I started racing 1/12 scale electrics in 1978 with the likes of Jerry Evans, Jimmy Simmons, and Chuck Baader. I was introduced to oval racing at Spring Cove Speedway in Florence, Alabama. Having spent several years in the oval racing circuit, the battery and motor wars drove me away for a more evenly competitive form of racing.

I purchased a gas conversion rear pod for my Bolink Eliminator from Joel Mullins and bolted an Enya 11 onto it and I was hooked on nitro oval. I never was able to find the parts I needed for my gas car, so I started making my own from scrap aluminum and fiberglass. I kept experimenting with parts and design until about 1995 and then just sold all my electric stuff and went completely nitro.

Again parts were non-existent so I introduced Jimmy Simmons to my prototype "Coyote" nitro car. Jimmy immediately started redesigning the car and Team Coyote was born. We tested the car at Lagoon Park Raceway in Montgomery, Alabama and started GASCAR in 2005 with the help of Tim McCown and Allex Love. Nitro oval took off from that point and the GASCAR series inaugural race was held at LPR.

The Coyote progressed and I hooked a good friend, Scott Harper, by letting him run one of my Coyotes at in the Boyd Hughes Race at LPR in 2007. I brought Scott on board to Team Coyote as Production Manager and Public Relations specialist. With Scott's help, we developed the current Coyote into a very competitive pan car and won the GASCAR Championship in both 2006 with Jimmy Simmons and 2007 with Scott. Scott repaid me by getting me hooked on 1/4 scale last year. I raced 1/4 pounders several years ago, but 1/10 scale kept calling me.

Here I am, after completing my first year in 1/4 scale, and looking forward to next season. Scott and the other racers I have come in contact with this year have helped me tremendously and made this a really fun year. I ran my first season in Limited Sportsman and will probably do the same in 2012. I still love my 1/10 scale nitro oval and my Coyotes, but I also like my Lightning.... See you guys at LPR and Lakeside.

Tim Smith, President
GASCAR/Team Coyote

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Send a message via AIM to DrtRcrM87
Guys,Since I've been pokin' around in the Large-scale forums lately,
I'm Dan Mead,I started the RC hobby back in the early 80's when the "A" chassis RC10 was hitting the shelves.I worked in a hobby shop part time back then to support the addiction.I have done a bunch of different 1/10th venues since from Carpet Racing to Monster Trucks,and most of everything in between.Most memorable was Q-Scale electric back in the 90's with Fine Design and his CEC 1/4 cars.Too bad it went away.If it was still going on,I'd still be racing it. Hopefully in the near future something will come about and I/we can get some real q-scale gas cars running up here in the northeast.
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My name is Jeff Clemens. I started racing in 1991 with a bolink eliminator sport. I stopped racing when track closed. About 2003 or 2004 a rc shop had 1/18th scale racing on carpet. We moved to racing 1/18th scale on dirt and when that closed up my freind found a track that races 1/4 scale and they let us run our 18/th scales on their track. I bought my first qscale in 2008 after one of the locals let me try one out. I race in Ft Dodge Ia, Cedar rapids Ia, and Algona. I plan on buying a Baja to do some dirt racing this summer along with the Qscale which im cutting back on. In the winters i race 10th scale on carpet to keep me busy but I cant wait for spring!!!
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Hey everybody, Names Brian Fine from Bakersfield, CA. I have been racing rc cars for half of my life and Im only 20. Started racing in the dirt oval segments, asphalt pan car, offroad and carpet oval. I took a break and started racing open wheel micro sprint cars. After the economy when down I had to hang up the micro. I went back into the rc racing again to stay outta trouble during my high school and college years. My first experience of a quarter scale was my buddies 2 dirt sprint cars they purchased. they were awesome. I went to a couple races with them, ran a event in a borrowed car and won, and then at the next race I had my own car. Out of all the racing I have ever done from 1/18th scale to 1/4 scale. I have never had so much fun racing quarter scale cars. The community of people is fantastic. I have a blast racing with my fellow quarter scalers on the west coast. It's the most fun I have ever had in my life.
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Have you been introduced to QSAC?

A Bit O' History
In late 1984, after a year or so of R&D, a gentleman from the little town of Buffalo, Texas took several examples of a Quarter Scale, Radio/Controlled replica of a World of Outlaws-type Sprint Car to the annual Hobby show in Pasadena, CA. There, he found his display inundated by folks fascinated with the concept of such a large R/C car. Further, they were even more interested when he "fired-one-up" and they were treated to the sound of the big (relatively) two-stroke single that powered the car. A quick, on-the-floor demo of the car's response to inputs from the radio in his hand convinced many in the audience that "these should sell like hot-cakes"-- and Carroll Cheek, now known as the "Grandfather" of Quarter Scale, returned to Texas with orders in hand, and the new, largest scale of R/C race cars was born!

The new company
Known as Winner's Circle Manufacturing or WCM, grew and prospered, and was soon joined by a new California entrepreneur, Jon Rahe, and his RACO Modelcraft. Quarter Scale was off and running! Growth of the sport continued from that time with new manufacturers popping-up on the scene, but there was a problem....... Buyers were scattered all over, sometimes only one or two in a particular area, and didn't know where other potential racers were located. The manufacturers, particularly WCM and RACO, could see that they needed to find a way to organize the racers into a group who knew and communicated with each other. An attempt was made to get ROAR, the major R/C car racing organization in the US, to sanction Quarter Scale racing under their auspices, but Roar was primarily an "electric-car" group, concentrating on 1/12th and 1/10th scales, and wasn't really interested in bothering with what was, at that time, a small group of racers who were scattered all over the map!

With no apparent help forthcoming from that direction, the manufacturers decided to take the "bull-by-the-horns" and form a National Organization which would also be an entity that would organize and sanction Quarter Scale racing events, establish a cogent Rules package controlling the specifications for cars in different classes, set up race formats for the various classes, establish safety-standards, and last, but not least, provide a liability insurance program to protect both the racer and the viewing public. After much research and headaches, the organization was chartered and the Quarter Scale Auto Club began!

The QSAC of the Present
In late 1992, management of the Quarter Scale Auto Club was turned over to the membership, and, following a complete reorganization, during which the Club was incorporated as a not-for-profit Corporation, officers elected, committees formed for the purpose of setting the standards for Rules, Competition, Special Projects, and Long-Range Planning. In addition, there is a field organization in place at the District, Region, and Area levels, staffed with directors who are local focal-points for members and racing facilities all over the country. The organization belongs to and is run by (on a no-pay, volunteer basis) the membership
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