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Here is what paul wrote back to me. I emailed him last night.

Thank you for your kind words, I really appreciate them.

The engineering section was painted with Floquil railroad modeler's
paint...it was a sage green and was a flat paint, and it was straight
from the bottle and not mixed...so if you could find a sage green that
that they make, that would be it.

The real trick would be the pearlescent paints I used...they had only
just come out, were horrendously expensive ($45 for a 4oz jar). The best
thing I can tell you about that is to put you onto a German lawyer who
is doing the same model, and with typical German thoroughness, has
researched this to death...he can help you regarding what is available
out there. I used four pearl colors that were transparent: a blue, a
gold, a red, and a green...they all flip-flopped to their complements
when the viewing angle changed. Beautiful. By varying the amount of
color, and the mixture of several colors on top of each other, I
obtained myriad colors and depth of color. Just spray lightly and keep
adding...you don't want any drips. The trick with airbrushing is to
spray ever so lightly, then keep on adding color. Cut yourself lots of
stencils (friskets) of all different rectangular and square shapes
(except for the curved shapes on the dish) and apply them in a random
order and keep building them up. What you are doing is giving the ship
scale by having it made from "panels" that we understand as such...like
the engine nacelles of a commercial jet and the body panels.ddddd

The man's name is Dariush and his email is: (ask me) I know
he would be more than happy to help you and probably give you more
information than you will ever need. He's a nice guy, though.

I used a Paasche A-1 airbrush...the Chevy of airbrushes, but it worked
fine. I still have it, though I now use Iwata's when I paint. Any
airbrush will do because you will using lacquer paints that self-clean
as the thinner is also the solvent.

Good luck! Be sure to contact Dariush...he will be the expert on the
Polar Lights model!

all the best,

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