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Iron Fist. Marvels First Stinkaroo?

So it appears that Iron Fist is Marvels first stinkaroo. It just came out on Netflix and has been generally panned by fans and critics.

[Iron Fist has been in the comics since the 70s. It's about a guy who does the quest for knowledge journey and learns the 'secret punching through walls' thing.]

I haven't seen it yet, and I'm in no hurry to now, but I never did like the casting of Finn Jones. And the villains appear to be some common businessmen. "Let's go with bland!" the showrunners must have said.

Jones blames the backlash on the fact that Trump is in office.......Yes, he did say that. Because the character is a rich white dude and so is Trump.
Yeeeaaaah. I guess that's why everyone now hates Bruce Wayne and Tony Stark.

He does have slender hands like Trump though. Strange to cast him as a guy whose power is his FISTS.
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I wouldn't put any stock in the critics, since so many of them started bashing the show for daring to cast a white guy in the role of a white guy.
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I'm two episodes in and am enjoying it very much. It's much better (so far) than the last two series, IMHO.

Also, bashing a show you haven't even seen? Not the best use of anyone's time, I'd say.
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We just binged 4 episodes from the start. I'm enjoying it. It has a number of moving parts and ties to Daredevil in ways you have to see. (don't want to spoil it).

The second and third episode were slow...but by the fourth you need them to tell the story.
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Haven't watched it myself, but my son has and he says it's great.
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Oh, all right, I'll figure out how to work it into my schedule. I was going to skip it when I heard it sucked, just so I have the time to watch Legion and Marco Polo. I guess I need to be a completest now.
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Never heard of the comic or character before- I will give it a check out also.
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i like this iron fist. i wonder if he will use custom at the end.
i watched the first 3 episode.
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If there's a problem (and there are loud internet voices saying there is, and it's not just the 'whitewashing' crowd) I would guess it's going to come from the showrunner just not 'getting' the point of Iron Fist, which SHOULD be 'roots in '70s Kung Fu mania and grindhouse badly dubbed Chinese action films'. Also, where is Shang-Chi, Master of Kung Fu?

Of course Shang-Chi suffers from having roots in 'Yellow Peril' fiction what with his father originally said to be the evil Fu Manchu.

The show needs to be a little cheesy and melodramatic. It really needs at least one "You killed my master! Now you will die!" speech. Above all it needs f**ktons of Kung Fu Fighting.

And I understand there is none (or nowhere near enough) of the above in the show. Hurm.

It's like making a Daredevil costume without eyeholes in his cowl because, ya know he's blind and doesn't need them (but the point is nobody is SUPPOSED to know he's blind so)...wait, that happened, didn't it? dang.
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Maybe it will get better

I've been binge watching it and am on Episode 11 of 13 and I must say that I am quite whelmed with the show. I went in with very high hopes, being something of a Martial Artist myself (not Kung-Fu), and seeing the trailers. However, now I would suggest they change the name of the show to the "Dysfunctional Mechaem Family' show. As the writers spend more time developing the side characters of the Mechams as opposed to the titular character.

While Finn Jones is a good actor, the writers are having him portray the character as a spoiled, self obsessed little boy, rather than a Master of multiple styles of Martial Arts and as a confident Adult who overcame many obstacles and trials to become the Iron Fist.

While I am with most is agreeing that a white guy should have been cast as the white character, I still think the show runners could have cast an actor with a martial arts background! I read somewhere that Ray Parks was in the running! THAT would have been awesome!

There are some good points about the show, though. Jessica Henwick really seems to know what she is doing as far as stunts and acting and Colleen Wing seems a more developed character than Danny Rand is.

Sad, but I am hoping it gets better; or as one of the titles of an episode goes "Immortal Emerges from the Cave!" if he can find the exit.


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Binge watched Iron Fist over two days. Over all, I did enjoy the show. But, I noticed a change in Daniel Rand toward the last 4 or 5 episodes. Before, he was wise, well-trained, focused. Exactly what I would expect from his background and becoming the Iron Fist. But, then, they changed him. He lost control, became petulant, childish almost, a teenage version of the himself. It was as if he was like Luke Skywalker, all of a sudden: some training on Dagoba, but he has to save his friends. Dan Rand was fully trained and acted like it initially, but the way he became, well, I don't believe it could happen to someone like him.
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I watched up to episode 6 and I figure it will take me another week to finish it. Interesting that you stated that Danny Rand changes in the last few episodes. To me that change is what I would describe Danny Rand is from episode 1. Right from the first episode I found him to be immature, childish and naive. He hasn't changed in the first 6 episodes. This is not what the character is from the comics. I'm not liking it that much so far and I was expecting more from the fight scenes like what you see in the Daredevil series.
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That's the problem with the idea of completing an entire season before airing it. If it stinks you're stuck.

Previously, a show could get feedback and alter the bad stuff as the season progressed.
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I loved this character in the 70's comics, as a teen I painted him life sized on my bedroom wall and one of the 1st pages of original art I purchased was his origin page from Deadly Hands of Kung-Fu. Though they went with the more fleshed out origin for the show (For example Kun-Lun is one of 7 capital cities of heaven, originally it was just a mystical city) rather than the story line I was more familiar with.

I took St Pat's day off from work to stay home and watch Iron Fist before I heard any spoilers. It has its good and bad. The fight scenes aren't as well done as Daredevil, I hear this is due to the tight shooting schedule on Iron Fist to get it done in time to start the Defenders filming to get it out by it's release date. Finn Jones only had 3 weeks to work with the trainers before the series started. In contrast DD had a 4 months lead in. I found the child like naivety of the character in the early episodes fitting for someone who spent 15 years in an isolated (all the way to another dimension) monastery. By far I thought Colleen Wing's portrayal was the best thing in the show, though her secret surprised me. Overall I'd say it was an OK story line, not a stinker, but missed hitting the bar that Netflix has set so high. I've already started rewatching it, though at my leisure. I'm 3 episodes in 11 days after 1st watching it.

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