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Rick Sternbach
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Originally Posted by Chuck_P.R.
Was it built as a CGI model or actual miniature for the TNG series???

If it was done as a CGI model a shout out to a particular 3D'er might be in order...
Greg Jein built a physical miniature about 14" in length. There was no major CG version that I know of aside from five tiny diagramatic ships, and I suspect that anyone who attempted a CG mesh without a copy of the studio model, ortho-shot photos, or the ortho drawings, probably got something wrong. Most of the fan guesses at ortho drawings are close but no cigar. There are a few castings out in the world; on display or in collections, so determined enthusiasts could produce a wicked good mesh or finished model. I completed a raw casting given to me by Greg, creating a set of hull graphics in the process, which have been scaled down to fit the new kit coming out.

In cases like some of the later Voyager ships, like the Delta Flyer and Equinox and a few others, CG meshes have not surprisingly squirreled their way into rapid prototyping to produce models; happens every day with that sort of technology and we're likely to see a lot more in the hobby area in the next few years. It all starts with a design, though.


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