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Well, if we had aired the ship, I was going to refine the wings to be a little less "blunt trauma" to the aerodynamics. But when we got nixed, we moved on.....so, it stands as is. I've thought about refining it for next years Calendar, but now I don't think I'll have the time...

The only other original design that was also chopped (that I remember now)was the John Eaves Klingon D-6 or D-5 that I included it in my calendar image for 2006. It was originally done FOR FREE for ST:Enterprise by Koji, who stayed up 36 hours to do it for the show. It looked great, but then the "producer(s)" said, "put more windows on it". We said no (You have to understand that we did so much extra, that at that point it was the straw that broke the camels back when they were being mindlessely trivial and unappreciative). So, in there infinite wisdom, they choose to use a lo-rez K'Tinga model (from a timeline over 100 years later) we had lying around. Because that was much more logical than a ship that needed 10 more windows that no one would EVER notice!!!! E boy...

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