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Originally Posted by alpha-8
BTW, if the show continued, where there any plans for any ships you guys were working on before they pulled the plug?
No, there really wasn't. Ships and structures where created maybe an episode or two in advance. Since we finished the season out, nothing had been prepared for next season as we all knew far enough in advance the show was going away. Over the years, certainly many ships were designed that never got used, but John Eaves would have most of that info. I've got a few Eaves sketches that never got used, but it's in a pile buried somewhere.

As for the "half saucer", we honestly have never called it anything else. Even our directory structures are called half saucer. We did not even catch that it was refered to as the Intrepid in an episode!

As for the image of the AeroShuttle, I'm not sure why it ended up so dark. I may replace it with something brighter when I have the chance. Thanks for pointing it out PofSII!

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