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Originally Posted by Doggy
I'm really interested in how they depict a TOS era Consititution ship. Unlike the miniature built for that DS9 episode, the Defiant will probably be a CG image. I wonder if they'll "enhance" it's hull with hull pannelling effects, etc.


There is some subtle "aztec" paneling and some slightly heavier weathering. We also do have subtle deflector grids on the ship. Some of these additions were requested by the producers. We also have an enormous time crunch, so if it ain't perfect, trust me, we know....The CG ship was wholly and ENTIRELY built from scratch by Koji Kuramura, Nacelle effect by me with reference help from Thom Sasser as well as just looking (over and over and over and over....ad nauseum) at clips from the Orig show. Any ship dimensional reference material we needed was provided by Doug Drexler as well as Koji's own research. I know Doug is good friends with Gary Kerr, so I am sure that made it's way to us through him. As for the Petri help, Koji used his shape for the back end of the nacelle cap as a reference piece. We needed it built differently.

As of now, she is pretty faithful to the original considering. I know some people will be happy with the subtle additions, some will not. The producers have not see it yet in it's final form. Remember, as Scotty once said: "Producers love to change things..." We shall see how it ends up.

Just now we are busting our asses working long hours on this show, why? None of us can figure it out considering it is canned!!!!

Maybe we care?...nawwwwww....
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